A gas and electric stove combo is a cooker that has an electric oven coupled with a gas hob. Having the two different fuel sources means you can use your stove to its full advantage. All the benefits of a gas hob are combined with the simplicity of an electric oven. 

Here is a quick list of some of the specific benefits you get with an electric oven and gas hob combination:

The Gas Hob Section

  • Reduces the overall electricity usage of the cooker 
  • Availability of instant heat matched with minimal residual heat 
  • Temperature control is easy and precise

The Electric Oven Section

  • Consistent heating 
  • Generally easier to use and more predictable than gas ovens
  • Superior roasting, grilling, and baking for crispy and deeply browned dishes 

As you can see, there are some excellent reasons to consider purchasing a gas hob and electric oven combo. Let’s take a closer look at why this gas-electric pairing makes so much sense.  

Are Electric Ovens Better?

Most people learn how to cook with an electric oven, and for them, transitioning to the full gas method of cooking can be tricky. You can’t use the same cooking style between gas and electric ovens. So, dishes you might have cooked to perfection suddenly become something of a hit and miss. The length of cooking time, how often you check the food, and even temperature settings are all somewhat different. 

Gas ovens tend to have temperature fluctuations and are prone to hotspots because all the heat comes from gas burners along the bottom of the compartment. Additionally, gas combustion retains a little more natural moisture, which is great for the flavour of food but prevents the crispiness you might be trying to achieve. 

Thus, despite all the advantages of gas cooking, electric ovens remain the popular choice because they’re more straightforward to use. That being said, gas ovens do produce excellent food when you understand how they work. 

It is much less complicated to regulate cooking heat with an electrically powered oven. The consistent and predictable baking ability makes electric ovens easier to operate. After all, who wants weeknight cooking to be harder than it is already?   

Are Gas Hobs Better?

Gas has long been the preferred option for stovetop cooking. If you’ve ever wondered why this is the case, there are a few good reasons. 

It’s easy to make temperature adjustments quickly, and precisely. For example, turning down the flame makes a difference immediately if your rice is about to boil over. Unlike some electric hobs where you have to remove the pot from the hotplate and wait for the temperature to come down. 

Some people don’t like the idea of a bare flame in the kitchen. However, the flame is a visual reference point that the temperature is live. Plus, once the flame is off, there is very little residual heat. This means less wasted energy, as well as a safer kitchen environment. No matter what type of stovetop you choose, it’s always important to practice good kitchen safety to prevent fires and avoid injury. 

Gas, as an energy source, burns cleaner than electricity so it’s the more environmentally friendly option. Additionally, saving electricity where you can is a great way to save some money. And, of course, when there’s a power cut, you can still boil water and have a much-needed cup of coffee! 

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