Diaphragm gas geysers only activate when there is a lower water pressure after the geyser (in the hot water piping system).

When the tap is opened the diaphragm moves because it receives a positive pressure coming from the cold water inlet, and it moves because there is lower water pressure in the hot water pipes of the geyser.

So what’s the big deal with mixer taps? You bought the wrong size gas geyser. Only 16lts and bigger will work with mixers. Forced Fan and Constant Temperature gas geysers will also work with mixers.

What’s the solution?

There are a few things you can do to reduce this happening to you with gas geysers smaller than 16lt’s

  • The very first thing you should do is adjust your geysers settings to get as close to your ideal shower temperature as possible. If you don’t need to add cold water to your shower in the first place then having a mixer tap won’t be a problem.
  • Remove the mixer tap, simple as that, it’s an extreme solution that might not be possible, but it is a solution.
  • Change the gas geyser, also an extreme solution, but it might be your only option. The following geysers might be the solution: 16 or 20lt gas geysers, forced fan gas geysers or constant temp gas geysers.

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