Many families use gas appliances in their homes. Due to the nature of gas appliances, it’s important to know all the gas safety tips available to make sure you and your family stay clear from unwanted accidents.

Using gas is an economical way to cook or heat your water or home. Compared to electricity, gas is far more affordable.

Therefore, more home-owners are opting for gas over electricity. Gas is extremely safe when installed correctly. However, should the safety standards not be adhered to, the results can be catastrophic.


  • Install at least one dry powder fire extinguisher near to the gas cylinder
  • Adhere to all warning signs on the gas cylinders and installation
  • Ensure the valve is closed before changing the gas cylinder or removing the connecting pipe
  • Ensure the gas installation is fitted with an accessible emergency valve
  • Do not make any DIY changes to the gas installation
  • Permanent air ventilation may be necessary for the safety of anyone who occupies the rooms in which gas appliances are installed
  • Always close the main isolation valve of the gas supply when the appliance is not in use for long periods of time
  • If you move into a new home, never assume that all the safety standards have been adhered to. Call a registered gas installer to come and inspect
  • Only use appliances for their intended use
  • Always adhere to legal guidelines and requirements
  • Always buy gas cylinders from authorised distributors
  • Never allow children to play with or near to gas appliances, pipes or knobs
  • Always store the gas cylinder in an upright position and according to legal stipulations
  • Make sure all your family members are aware of all the safety standards and procedures regarding gas installations, appliances and cylinders
  • Make sure you are in possession of a gas certificate of compliance

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