Load shedding is in full swing and households all over the country are without power anything from 4 to 6 hours every day. Rumours have it rumours that this might increase to phase 8.

Businesses are feeling the weight of having to find alternative solutions to keep their doors open. And many South Africans are turning to fast food when the power is out during dinner times. To say that this isn’t a great scenario is an understatement.

But, what can we do? How can we take back the power? Honestly, there isn’t much we can do about load shedding right now. This is our considered part of our new life in South Africa and nothing is going to change unless maintenance on all power stations is done or we change to more sustainable energy solutions. However, there are alternative solutions you can utilise to make day to day living more comfortable without electricity.

Gas Appliances

Gas appliances will change your life! Seriously! Being able to cook nutritious meals and have a cup of coffee when the power is out will make all the difference. No more unhealthy takeaways or having to braai again. Life can go on as normal when you install a gas stove. Same goes for gas water heaters. You’ll never have to take a cold shower because of load shedding again.


If it isn’t enough that the power is out, cell service of a certain leading service provider also disappears as soon as load shedding strikes. What if something were to happen and you can’t make a phone call? Being cut off from the outside world in this day and age is ridiculous. An inverter is a small appliance you can use to plug your wifi router in. We recommend a sine wave inverter.

Candles or LED Solar Lights

No one likes to sit in darkness so investing in LED solar or chargeable lights will shed some light on things. Candles might add to the ambience but have become extremely expensive.

Keep Electronics Charged

No need to sit around with nothing to do. If you keep your laptop, smartphone and Bluetooth speakers charged, you will have more than enough entertainment to last you for the duration of the power outage.

Don’t let load shedding ruin your day (again) when you can take action today!

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