Rinnai Bath Fill Controller


Suitable for

Domestic installations with a Rinnai INFINITY continuous flow gas hot water heater installed, refer compatible water heater models below.

Each remote controller can be individually programmed, however the water heater can only deliver one set temperature at any time.

Rinnai water controllers cannot be used with Rinnai INFINITY units connected to solar systems


Deluxe controllers are water resistant, however, durability is improved when positioned outside the shower recess. All deluxe water controllers must be installed at least 400 mm above the highest part of a sink, basin, or bath.

Controller configurations

A maximum of four water controllers can be fitted. Any combination of the deluxe, compact, and wireless controllers can be used within the following parameters:

Only ONE master can be installed. This can be a Kitchen Deluxe, Compact, or Wireless Controller.
Up to two Bathroom Deluxe Controllers can be installed.
Fourth controller in any installation must be a Compact or Wireless Controller.

Comes with 15m of cable

Available settings – 37ºC to 50ºC

Max Number in an installation:  Up to two Bathroom Deluxe Controllers can be installed to a Rinnai INFINITY

Dimensions:  W195 x H97 x D22mm


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Remote temperature controllers allow precise temperature control by the user. 

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