Rinnai Kitchen Deluxe Controller


The Rinnai Kitchen Deluxe Controller works in conjunction with the Rinnai Bathroom Deluxe Controller.

Digital controllers allow you to select the exact temperature of the hot water at the tap within the controller temperature range. This has a number of benefits:

  • Safety, especially if you have young children, the hot water can be pre-set to a child-safe level.
  • No need to mix hot and cold water, this reduces the affect of temperature spiking when another tap in the building is turned on.
  • Allows diagnosis of problems (such as gas supply disruption) when the appliance is serviced by displaying ‘error’ codes, which the service person can utilise.



Setting the Clock
The clock is a 12 hour AM/PM style display. To set the time press the ‘Mode’ button twice, this
places the controller into clock setting mode, in the digital monitor the word ‘Clock’ will be displayed
and the clock digits will flash, if this is the first time the clock has been set the starting time will be AM
12:00.  Use the up or down buttons to select the desired time, holding these buttons down continuously cycles the digits. When you get close to the time you wish to set, press the button intermittently to avoid going further than the desired time.
Turning on the Controller
If the controller is switched off (No digits other than the clock digits displayed in the digital monitor) press the On/Off button once. The On/Off and Transfer buttons illuminate to indicate that the hot
water unit will be ready to supply hot water once a hot water tap is opened.
If more than one controller is fitted press the ‘Transfer’ button to transfer priority to the desired controller.
The MC-100V controller is not water resistant, avoid direct exposure to water or steam as these conditions may cause damage.


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Remote temperature controllers allow precise temperature control by the user. 

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