Typhoon 20lt Forced Fan


Typhoon Gas Geysers are

  • LPGSA approved for inside and outside installation
  • For inside installation the flue must vent to the outside
  • Automatic ignition when the hot water tap is opened
  • Water temperature can be adjusted up to 65°C
  • The unit has automatic flame-out protection. The gas will shut off and no leaks will occur
  • If the water supply is interrupted, the unit will automatically stop burning and shut down
  • When the water pressure supply is too high, the unit’s safety valve will relief the pressure, therefore avoiding damage to the unit
  • If the temperature is too high, the gas supply will be cut and the unit will switch off
  • The unit has timing protection and will shut down after 40 minutes of continuous use
  • Constant Temperature control and technology ensures even distribution of water and temperature
  • It has a temperature display on the front cover where you can set your desired temperature
  • The unit has flue blockage and fan failure protection which ensures that the unit will shut down in case of problems.
  • The temperature setting will not be wiped out in case of load shedding or power outages to avoid duplicate settings.
  • It has automatic fault diagnosis with error code display which makes maintenance more convenient
  • The unit is solar compatible.
  • Its anti-freeze function will detect when water drops below 5°C and it will switch on to heat.  It stops accumulated water in the pipes from freezing, causing damage to the unit.  Once the water is above 11°C, it will switch off.  Please note that this can only happen if there is power to the unit at all times.


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These units are extremely popular as they are priced right and perform very well.  We offer a 1 year warranty on them.  Spare parts are readily available.

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