Is the geyser making a clicking noise?

  • If not, it could be the batteries. Ensure that you use Energiser or Duracell.  They last for at least 6 months – depending on usage.  Check the battery box – remove the batteries, feel if the spring connection is not broken.
  • Is it possible that you have you run out of gas?
  • You might have a vacuum lock if you have recently replaced the gas cylinder. Remove the gas pipe from the regulator and open the gas cylinder for a few seconds. Close it, and reconnect pipe and open cylinder.
  • We often come across faulty ‘new’ regulators. Your regulator should last for 3 years.  A faulty regulator restricts the gas flow and the geyser will not ignite due to insufficient gas. Buy a good quality regulator.
  • Do not buy unknown gas cylinders. You get a lot of them at really good prices. The gas in these cylinders has a lot of impurities (your flame will be very yellow/orange and not blue) and gas geysers are sensitive to having the correct gas mixture.

If your geyser is not making a clicking noise

  • Check that your water pressure. Water pressure from boreholes pumps can fluctuate which will prevent the unit from switching on. You will therefore need a pressure pump to stabilize the water pressure. To check if your water pressure may be too low, turn the water adjustment knob on your geyser totally clockwise and if there is no clicking sound the cause is most likely insufficient water pressure
  • It could also be the batteries
  • There is a water filter in the water inlet pipe in the geyser. If this filter becomes clogged it will restrict the water supply to the unit will not ignite. If you live in a rural area or your water is supplied by borehole, clean the filter every now and then. Unscrew the water inlet pipe, remove the filter, clean and replace it.

Geyser cuts out?

  • Have you go a flue on the geyser? Some brands require the use of a flue to extract the heat from the unit which will prevent it from overheating and switching off.
  • Check batteries and water pressure

Water fluctuates between hot and cold?

  • Do you have a mixer unit on your taps? A 16lt or higher or a forced fan will solve this problem. If you have a smaller unit try to set your unit at the required temperature that is hot enough for you that you do not have to add cold water. Your cold water pressure might be too strong and it feeds the water back into the geyser causing it to switch off. You could also fit a non-return valve between the geyser and the hot taps.
  • In certain areas during summer, the water coming into your geyser will be too hot. Set your temp as low as possible. Gas geysers operate at optimum from cold water and cannot regulate the temperature when warm water is fed into them.  Older models have a summer and winter setting.  Change it to the winter setting.

Water goes cold after a short time?

  • Ensure that no other hot taps are opened whilst you are in the shower. The hot water then supplies to outlets which causes the cold water to become more dominant.  Standard battery operated gas geysers can supply many outlets but only one at a time.  If you wish to supply two outlets at the same time, rather have a look at a constant flow gas geyser or a forced fan.

If none of the above – kindly contact your gas installer.  For safety, a gas line / appliance check should be carried out on all applicable gas appliances every 12 months and your installer will then issue you with a new COC.

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