The LPGSA’s Training department would like to highlight and clarify the different scopes that apply to registered installers and what each scope allows the installer to undertake and the limitations of each scope.

Scope for the Domestic Installer
The basic installer is trained to perform LPGas installations in the vapour phase only and in domestic applications only.  The basic qualification allows the installer to install appliances in a residential environment up to a maximum of a 5×5 manifold LPGas supply.  The installation must comply with the requirements of the SANS 10087-1 standard.

Please note that this excludes environments where members of the public reside for short periods of time such as caravan parks, bush lodges and the like. Such installations may only be undertaken by registered Commercial Practitioners.

Scope for the Commercial Installer
This scope allows a commercial installer to install commercial installations in commercial environments up to a 10×10 manifold system in both liquid and vapour phases.  The installation must comply with the requirements of SANS 10087-1 and all other related standards.

Scope for the Industrial Installer
The installer can install installations in an industrial environment, which will include bulk, stationary vessels, and reticulation systems in both liquid and vapour phases of LPGas.  All relevant SANS 10087 series standards and all other related standards that are applicable must be adhered to.

Note, that Installers who are in possession of all 3 qualifications are authorized to carry out work within all 3 grades. Should you not be in possession of a particular qualification(s), you are prohibited from carry out these installations and issuing CoC’s within that scope.

Credit:  LPGSASA

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