I feel that it is most important that households should invest in gas appliances sooner than later. Eskom is looking at load-shedding stage 16 and to top it all the rand / dollar is very unstable. This means that every shipment coming in will see higher prices. Already some of our stoves have increased by nearly R2000 in the last month.

“While the majority of homes in South Africa are equipped with electric stoves, they are not the most popular. There are many more benefits to owning gas stoves than electric. In fact, many South African homeowners are making the switch! Those who don’t cook often may not be familiar with the benefits to investing in gas stoves. However, the advantages include more than just a faster cooking time! Here are 4 reasons why homeowners should invest in gas stoves:

Gas Stoves are Durable
Gas stoves are far more durable than electric, especially if you are running a commercial kitchen. Electric stoves are oftentimes made of fragile materials like glass or ceramic, which make them both difficult to clean and safety hazards if they were to break. However, gas stoves are made of durable metal.

Gas Stoves are Immune to load-shedding
Load-shedding is a real problem in South Africa and those who own electric stoves suffer the most. The majority of gas stoves can be used during power outages. All you need to do is manually light the burners and you can cook away keeping either your family fed or if you running a restaurant, keeping your guests happy.

Gas Stoves are Cost-effective
No one likes a high electricity bill. Gas stoves cut down on electrical costs as gas is much cheaper than electricity. We can see the change when it comes to our home heating as many people are changing to gas heaters and fireplaces.

Gas Stoves have an effective Heat control
Gas stoves not only heat up faster than electric stoves, but you can have more control over the temperature as the changes are instantaneous”

Credit to White Plumbing and Gas


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