We often have people who battle with gas geysers switch off after a minute.  A qualified gas installer would ensure that you do not have any restrictors in your shower head. These restrictors in the water-shaver shower heads can cause problems for Standard battery operated gas geysers.

If your geyser is producing overly hot water for a couple of minutes and then when you add cold water the water flow goes completely cold, the most likely cause of this is your water-saver shower head.

Water-saver shower heads generally restrict water flow to about 6-8l per minute. If your gas geyser is larger than 8lt the geyser will be trying to push through a higher volume of water than the shower head will allow through. This causes a back-flow of hot water to the geyser, which in turn causes the geyser to switch off. When a gas geyser switches off, it doesn’t stop all water flow, it only stops the hot water and the shower water becomes cold.

To test if your Water-saver shower head is the problem, remove the shower head and see if it works normally without the head on.  If it does, remove all the restrictors from the shower head and then run the shower.

Forced Fan/ Advanced Gas Geysers are not affected by Water-Saver shower heads.

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