Hot water always!

Your family can shower consecutively with standard battery operated gas geysers.  Multiple showers can operate simultaneously if you invest in a constant temperature (battery operated) or forced fan (electricity) gas geyser.  You will never run out of hot water as long as you have gas. 

Low cost

Hot water on demand.  Gas geysers do not have a storage tank for water.  When you open the hot tap, you have hot water in seconds.

Space Saving

Gas geysers are compact.  With Outdoor or indoor installation, no holding tanks inside or on top of roof.

Go Green Environment

Burning of gas is a cleaner process than when electricity is generated from coal.


We make use of importers that have been around for a long time and take pride in the gas products they sell. All our importers have permits issued by the LPGSASA to confirm their products are safe to use and have been tested to the highest standards.

South African Conditions

We have models that will work in very cold/frozen conditions and we have gas geysers that are perfect for coastal conditions. We first assess what your weather conditions are where you live before recommending any gas geyser.

Solar and Tempering Valves

Some units can be installed on existing or new solar systems to boost or backup solar water coming from your solar geyser by means of a solar valve.  With Forced Fans, your plumber can install a tempering valve in line.

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