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Designed and made in Japan, the Rinnai INFINITY REU-VCM models are continuous flow gas hot water heaters with inbuilt frost protection. They have electronic ignition and require electricity to operate. The internal units are room-sealed appliances. The internal units have an inbuilt controller on the front panel, the external unit has a status monitor.

The INFINITY HD VCM units are factory preset to 75 °C but can be set to deliver higher temperatures, up to 85 °C, making them ideal for commercial applications.

  • Colour Silver (HD), white (A28i)
  • Input 11-210 MJ/h
  • Output 48.8 kW
  • Efficiency 83.5 %


These units are primarily designed for commercial applications but can be used for larger hot water capacity residential projects. They are not suitable as a spa or swimming pool heater, or for hydronic heating.


Hot water capacity 1.4-37 liters per minute. Nominal water capacity 28 liters per minute at a 25° rise (1680 L/h).

Safety devices

  • Flame failure
  • Boil-dry protection
  • Overheat protection (OHS)
  • Fusible link
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Combustion fan rpm check

Read more: https://manuals.plus/rinnai/reu-vcm2837wc-zk-infinity-hd-and-a28i-vcm-continuous-flow-water-heaters-manual#ixzz7xX481G00

Read more: https://manuals.plus/rinnai/reu-vcm2837wc-zk-infinity-hd-and-a28i-vcm-continuous-flow-water-heaters-manual#ixzz7xX3l0KGZ

Read more: https://manuals.plus/rinnai/reu-vcm2837wc-zk-infinity-hd-and-a28i-vcm-continuous-flow-water-heaters-manual#ixzz7xX3WLux1


Read more: https://manuals.plus/rinnai/reu-vcm2837wc-zk-infinity-hd-and-a28i-vcm-continuous-flow-water-heaters-manual#ixzz7xX2lVNOi


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All External influences will not be honoured such as:

  1. Borehole / dam / river water with high contents of calcium, magnesium, lime, iron etc, or no water filtration system.
  2. Faulty regulators, incorrect pipe sizing, incorrect positioning of geysers or incorrect installations of electrical, plumbing and gas.
  3. Electrical, surges, spike from load shedding, power outages, theft of cables etc.
  4. Any plasticides (DOP) from lpg hoses which settle on rubber diaphragms in modulating valve and regulators.
  5. Accidental damage and acts of God.
  6. Failure due to abuse or misuse, improper maintenance or failure to maintain.
  7. Failure due to incorrect or unauthorised installations.
  8. Domestic Model water heaters installed and used as Commercial units

Domestic Models:

REU-AM2024WD-SA – Infinity 20 external – 20e

REU-AM2626WD-SA – Infinity 26 external – 26e

  • 10 year warranty on Copper heat exchanger,
  • 3 year warranty on gas section and gas related parts
  • 1 year warranty on electrical parts

Commercial Models:

REU-VCM2837WC – 28 external

REU-VCM2837FFUC – 28 internal

REU-VRM2024WC – 32 external – 250e

  • 1 year warranty


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